'Better Together'

Here at Acorn Community church (ACC) we would describe ourselves as being a lively Pentecostal church. We love having Christ central to all that we do and are. The church currently has around 160 folk regularly involved; people from a variety of Christian backgrounds including many for whom Acorn is the first church they’ve attended.

Some of the things people comment on when they first come to the church is how welcome and relaxed they feel and also how easy it is to get involved. People can take things at a pace that they feel comfortable with.

A church for all ages and all stages

Acorn Community Church is situated right at the heart of Whitley Bay and was started following a series of outreach events held at the Whitley Bay Playhouse in the autumn of 1976. Acorn has continued to grow since then into being a church that is genuinely for people of all ages and stages of Christian understanding. Attracting people from a wide radius.

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