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What is a Christian?
Since so many people have weird and wonderful opinions and ideas on what actually makes a person a Christian – we think it best to look at what happened right at the start. You may be surprised to hear that on the very first day of the very first church 3,000 people asked, “What must I do to get right with God” (such people were first called Christians in a town called Antioch a few months later).

This was the answer! (As recorded in the Bible in Acts chapter 2: verse 38)

Firstly, ADMIT that you have been living your life away from God. Tell God that you are sorry for having lived this way and that you want to turn away from all that you know to be wrong. Specific things may come to mind.
Secondly, COMMIT yourself to Jesus, trusting in who he is and what he did on the cross for you. Receive his promise of forgiveness for yourself – thanking him for it and believing you have started a brand new life with Him at the centre of it.
Thirdly, SUBMIT your life to Him, day by day. He’s the boss and he can change you into the person he wants you to be, the person you are purposed to be. Jesus asks you to be baptised as a believer. He promises to give you the Holy Spirit who will give you the ability and power to follow Him. God has a future and purpose for you as part of his family-the church.

Personal Stories
It is reckoned that at least 70,000 people become Christians (start a new life with Christ) in our world every day – each with his/her own unique story of what happened.
Click on Personal Stories to read about some who are now a part of Acorn Community Church.

A great way to explore who Jesus is and what it means to be a Christian is to go on an Alpha course.

Becoming a Christian
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