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I first started going to church in the early 1990s and in a limited way responded to God’s call back then. At the time I was living in the south of England, I had a good well paid job, was on the threshold of getting married and a young family was soon to follow. My wife and I were both well off and could afford the usual trimmings of a lovely home and even reliable cars. I attended church quite regularly and even studied the bible from time to time. Life was good; I certainly had a lot to be thankful for... read more

Before I started following Jesus I was making progress in overcoming an alcohol addiction. I was 2 years sober & had started sharing my experience with others to support them through similar situations. I'd won back the respect of my family & friends and by all counts was a pretty decent kind of person; however, I still struggled with strong feelings of guilt, shame & fear... read more


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