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Before I started following Jesus I was making progress in overcoming an alcohol addiction. I was 2 years sober & had started sharing my experience with others to support them through similar situations. I'd won back the respect of my family & friends and by all counts was a pretty decent kind of person; however, I still struggled with strong feelings of guilt, shame & fear.

I lived in fear of being judged by my past behaviour; believing that because of the way I had been I would always be cut off from life's blessings. I could write off getting a good job, buying a house, getting married, having a family or even learning to drive. Or so I thought.

Ill health caused by years of excessive drinking meant I was unemployed and really struggling financially. It was then that I found out about the CAP Money being run at Acorn CC & went along. It was the 1st time I had ever heard anything from the bible being applied to everyday life; the wisdom in what was being said really affected me.

I already believed in God & felt I had a personal connection with him but it was about as personal as the relationship I have with the guy who runs the newsagent over the road. I went to him when I needed something but didn't see much of him in between. I certainly didn't ask him how I should live my life.
I got invited to the carol service at Acorn CC and went along. During the service a man called Martin did a short talk about why Christ came and asked if anyone would like him to pray for them to know him? I thought about what he was asking and realised that getting to know Jesus didn't sound that scary. I raised my hand indicating that I would. Low and behold, yet much to my surprise I actually began a personal relationship with Jesus.

The thing about Jesus is that he is so inspiring, loving and exciting to be around that I naturally want to reflect him. My life is no longer a massive attempt to make up for past wrongs. Jesus is changing my heart & shaping me into the best version of me.

He's taken care of my fear with his love. I know that like a parent letting a child fall when learning to walk he lets me go through hard things so I can grow & he's always right there throughout. As for my shame, well he's the only perfect human to ever live & he completely loves me & forgives me. I now feel comfortable around people knowing that how they see me isn't the most important thing.

And the guilt ... well he took my punishment on the cross so I don't have to keep punishing myself as I was forever doing. Until I met him I had no idea what he had done for me and how he could change my life.


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