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I first started going to church in the early 1990s and in a limited way responded to God’s call back then. At the time I was living in the south of England, I had a good well paid job, was on the threshold of getting married and a young family was soon to follow. My wife and I were both well off and could afford the usual trimmings of a lovely home and even reliable cars. I attended church quite regularly and even studied the bible from time to time. Life was good; I certainly had a lot to be thankful for.

As time rolled by, we moved to Northern Ireland and settled there for eight years. Both of us were still working and seemingly doing well - but with an increasingly unhappy marriage. My wife was now working for an American pharmaceutical company which gave us an opportunity to live and work in Arizona if we chose to take it, which we did. This was the decision of two very unhappy people hoping that the change could in save it all...but it didn't. Our marriage soon soured to the point of no repair; I returned home to Tyneside while my wife and children returned to her home in Northern Ireland.

At this point it was a struggle to rebuild my life. As I look back I can see that I lacked the qualities that a true Christian requires; I kept every vice that I had ever acquired through life, and even gained a few more. I was at the lowest point I have ever been. Then recently, through all the bitterness and ill feeling I had toward life, I had a sense of God calling me again, only this time in a way that I found imposable to resist. It was during this time that I started receiving the first revelations of Jesus, which actually caused me to weep. Not only that but it forced me to examine my own life - as Christ showed me who I really am; a totally different person than the one I thought I was.

I felt so many conflicting emotions, including guilt, then the joy which comes with acceptance, remorse then more joy. It was something of an emotional roller coaster ride.

Once the dust settled, the Lord soon showed me the way to Acorn Community Church, which is now my spiritual home - where I was lovingly welcomed and soon baptised into God’s family. I can now stand with my brothers and sisters in Christ, in the most wonderful worship, with the joy of my life having been turned around.

I can now count every good blessing the Lord has bestowed upon me and have many reasons to be truly thankful..

Blessings in Christ


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